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Eagle Strike Leads

Eagle Strike Leads was made for Realtors by Realtors. Conceived in 2014 by a top-ranking team in Keller Williams London, it was initially made for internal use for their US expansion. Starting from a cold start in New York the team had huge struggles getting business off the ground with no personal sphere and found itself on the brink. Having spent tens of thousands on marketing and having limited success with the likes of Facebook and Instagram it was decided that this route whilst did have success, was far too unpredictable and produced widely poor lead quality at huge expenses. We now have a highly successful system capitalising mainly on the most underrated social media site in the world, LinkedIn.

Requiring no advertising spend whatsoever and producing on average 10x the results of that of paid advertising, we rolled out the system in the US for Realtors in 2017 and are proud to be 10x'ing Real Estate Businesses across the states and Europe. 

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